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Recently ran into an opportunity that prevented a user from connecting into the network via VPN. They would click login after entering her username and [...]

Windows Password Filters


Do you have password requirements that is your windows accounts must follow? What is the requirements do not fall in Microsoft’s password requirement [...]

Connecting to the console of a customer without their password!


Have you ever had a need to provide assistance to a customer and needed to view what was on their console while they are not at their desk? For example one [...]

Clover And a Android Emulator


I was tasked with creating an application to assist a company with their point of sale(POS) process. They utilize Clover for their systems. This is perfect [...]

Office 2016 Default Save Location


Microsoft has been making changes to Office 365 subscription software settings. One of the changes that Microsoft has pushed is the default selected [...]

Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS)


Imagine that you are an administrator for an organization that has a fleet of Windows devices. You do not want to set the local administrator password to [...]

Nginx & PHP On WSL2


I had a project that was being worked on that required the code be written in PHP. The code would end up on a Linux machine which resulted me in wanting to [...]



Sandboxie is a tool that separates programs and prevents unwanted changes from happening. For example, you could run your browser in isolation mode and [...]

Backing up from a MariaDB database that is in a Docker container


For this blog I am using a docker instance that is hosing a MariaDB database. I needed a way to automatically backup the database and upload it to another [...]